Showing how to save relationships during crises, deal with conflicts positively, and soften verbal attacks. Several video demonstrations follow, with more guidelines below.

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         Relieving verbal attacks


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         Spreading the word

         The world needs to learn how to deal with conflicts positively, so please email the link as widely as possible. Here is a possible message to copy and paste into emails:

         Everyone encounters challengers, so please check out the fascinating videos at They show and tell, showing how to improve confrontations, and telling how to deal with conflicts positively, offering methods that will be useful from time to time to everyone.

         Yelling frequently and often: nutritional support needed?

         If someone in your life frequently displays extreme behavior, it may be that the person is suffering from a severe deficiency of the B Vitamins that are essential for the nervous system, including the brain. Replenishing that supply of vitamins may not cure the behavior, but may improve it without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

         Coffee and alcohol deplete B Vitamins, causing irritability that makes the drinker want to drink more. Supplementing may help the drinker control the habit.

         A general multivitamin supplement may not contain enough B Vitamins.

         Because Vitamin B12 is difficult for the body to absorb, B12 needs to be taken separately from Vitamin B Complex even if B12 is listed among the ingredients. Alternatively, nutritional yeast contains the B Vitamins that are essential for the nerves, as well as a high concentration of protein. It's important to get a brand of nutritional yeast that contains Vitamin B12.

         Nutritional yeast has a savory flavor so that it is easy to mix two tablespoons daily into either smoothies or stews, after they've been cooked. Cooking depletes the vitamins in the yeast.

         Free recordings about increasing your robust health span and relaxation are at HealthSpan.

         Tips for transforming explosive encounters

         A page of more thoroughly explained tips for resolving conflict can be viewed or downloaded by right-clicking TipsforTransformingExplosiveEncounters.pdf TipsforTransformingExplosiveEncounters.pdf (On a MacIntosh the browser FireFox may work more reliably to view the pdf than Safari.)

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