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Support of Health and Healing and 
Climate Change
Support of Health and Healing
Stopping Fights: How to Resolve Conflicts
How to Reduce Hospital Bills
Description of free book, written as a public service: Healthspan
Download of free ebook: Healthspan Book
Online video and slides from Sylvester’s presentation of “Heart Disease and Cancer: Scientific Studies in Prevention and Reversal”, with selected slides donated by leading nutritionist T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., co-author of China Study: SlidesHealthPresentation
Free audio and transcripts of Interviews with T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. 
8-Minute Progressive Relaxation, download of free audio and transcript 
10-Minute Contemplation for Releasing Pain and Insults
Listing of many online free plant-based recipes, including for children: bottom of the page Healthspan
Climate Change
Online video of description of the climate challenge and how to reduce heat-trapping emissions: Climate Change
Learn why and HowtoSaveGasoline
Article, Climate Change, How to Reduce Emissions
Article, Carbon Trading and Offsets Counterproductive Compared to Politically Possible Carbon Tax
Article, How to Redirect All of the Payment for Electric Supply to Renewable Energy
The legislative battle ahead is made evident in this Report on Climate Crisis Action Day at the US Capitol.
A published Response to Skeptical Readers
References for ways to reduce emissions and the science of Climate Change
Slides, Climate Change, and How to Reduce Emissions
Slides, Further Topics
Slides, Inundation of Coastal USA and Worldwide
Download: PostertoAdvertisePresentation.doc
A looping movie may enhance the effectiveness of a display: Making a Slide-Based Movie 
Businesses: Article, Do Well Doing Good: Profiting in a Sustainable World (hosted by Initiative for local governments’ resolutions in support of a federal carbon tax, including a free model resolution. 
Invitation to Initiative: Outreach
Ads for Tax in National Journals
Definitions and FAQs
Action Plan of the Initiative: Action
Summary of Key Points and Press Release: Press
Critical Topics in the Debate
Sample Resolution and References: Resolution 
News and Resolutions Passed
Links to Legislation
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