Making a Slide-Based Movie

        Movement attracts attention. Therefore a looping movie enhances the effectiveness of a display. 

       After creating a couple of test slides in Powerpoint, or mining the collection of over 150 slides available free at contact, to create a personalized presentation:

1] In Powerpoint, under the menu item “Slide Show”, “Slide Transition”, disable mouse click, enable “Automatically after X seconds”. The length of X will depend on whether more frequent changes are desirable to attract attention, or longer intervals to allow time to absorb the message.

2] Under the menu item “File”, “Make Movie”, “Movie Options”–

2a] Under “Size and quality”, choose “Optimization Quality”, under “Movie dimensions”, enter “960X720”. Those dimensions will likely nearly fill the screen of a laptop. If the movie needs to be made larger or smaller, the dimensions above need to be changed in proportion, that is with the same percentage change for width and height.

2b] Under “Media settings”, “Slide transitions”, choose “Follow Slide Show settings”. If desired, choose a background sidetrack with .mov extension made using Quicktime [if for a Mac, and probably for Windows also]. Enable “Loop Movie”. Disable “Show movie player controls”.

2c] Under “Save”, for a somewhat smaller movie file, disable “Include original presentation data”.

3] Click “OK”, then choose a movie file name with the extension “.mov”,  then click “Save”.

4] Open the movie file. Follow the instructions below.

Display Movie

       The following movie was made with short periods for each slide, even though all of the message may not be readable in that time. Since the eye interprets the changing slide as “movement”, passersby will be more likely to glance at the display if slides change frequently.

       Although I’ve played the movie on a Mac, it may also work for Windows if using Quicktime. On a Mac, using Quicktime: In “View”, “Play All Movies”, then “Present Movie”, selecting size for optimal resolution and visibility, perhaps “Actual Size”, perhaps larger. After the computer plays the slides in the movie, it should automatically start over again.

       The brief agenda for my talk is in the beginning of the movie below. If it’s desirable without the agenda, please let me know (at contact). I’ll provide all of the original Powerpoint slides on this website free to anyone who wishes to choose particular slides for a specialized movie, or for a personalized presentation.

       For online viewing, the movie may take half a minute to load. If one right-clicks for a contextual menu, then the option is given to download the movie rather than view it. It occupies 19 Mb, so by phone it’ll take over an hour to download, even though it’s only a ten minute movie.

Movie, Causes and

Movies from NASA

       Leaving the Movie Unattended

       Passersby may touch the keyboard during a movie, throwing the computer into a different display. An application named “QT Kiosk” available from allows the keyboard to be deactivated during a movie until command-q gets pressed, followed by a password. (A similar program may be available for Windows elsewhere.)

       Using this setup, a computer could be left on, running a movie unattended. I’ve had good luck leaving an old laptop running unattended during the business day at a walk-by venue, attached with a security cable. Of course, someone could vandalize the laptop, so it needs to be a machine that one could do without. Also, personal files could be deleted before leaving it, in case of theft despite security measures.

       Best wishes for success with your display!

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