Initiative for resolutions by local governments

in support of a revenue-neutral federal carbon tax

Shape the national debate.

Mission: 1) Advocacy by concerned citizens nationwide acting as agents for change, working part time and short term with an official of their city, town or county government to pass a resolution, thereby prompting media coverage of the advantages of the carbon tax, with the local government sending copies of the resolution to federal lawmakers, and with publication here. 2) Following this feasible method, as the number of resolutions that are passed grows the increasing magnitude of the news will inspire the introduction of more resolutions, building momentum for a mandate. 3) No monetary donation is required, only very limited time.

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Links to Legislation: Including a critique of proposed legislation for problematic emissions trading that would have consumers pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in windfall profits for large polluters.

Consultation Available

Please send questions and comments to Sylvester Johnson, Ph.D. Applied Physics, coordinator of the Initiative at contact. Free phone consultation is also provided. Coordinator’s qualifications: Sylvester’s CV

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If you know someone anywhere in the nation who might consider acting as an advocate with a local government, please copy and send out the suggested text about this non-profit Initiative on the outreach page.

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