The ebook Healthspan by health educator Sylvester Johnson, Ph.D. Applied Physics, can be downloaded here for free. The Table of Contents is below.

        The bulk of the book consists of a great many tips and issues regarding health-seeking. Summaries of major points are listed in the introduction called “How to use this book”, as well as a brief description of a weight-loss diet, in addition to the full chapter on that subject.

        The downloaded document should open up in microsoft word as one column in Normal view, or two side by side columns in Print Layout view, formatted into full size pages. To download the book (about 1.5 MB), click Healthspan.doc.

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Healthspan’s Table of Contents

How to use this book2

Fad diet hype5

Dairy dubious for health11

Veggie versus beast19

Vegan B12 bliss? Not. & Further tricks to a vigorous vegan diet25

Conditionally essential supplements to the vegan diet32

Nutritional Yeast38

Super nutritional algae40

Vegans are wimps!41

Acid-alkali balance42

Salting the wound47

“Organic” minerals49


Outstanding Omegas51

Along the grain56

Powerful probiotics, vegan cheese57

It’s a gas! -Fermentation during digestion-59

Enzymes help it happen59

Curing the common cold and other acute infections, flu, with produce?63

What viruses like to eat68

Helping hypoglycemia and diabetes69

Reversing advanced clinical disorders72

Pharmaceuticals: better living through chemistry?74

Centering during crises78

Dietary advice from major religions79

Tricks to transitioning one’s diet81

Diuretic disorders89

Pregnant thoughts91

Attention needed syndrome: ADD/ADHD95

Toxins: buyer be very wary96

Back sore?99

Headache (Un-) Happiness101

Alleviating allergies102

Cardiovascular disorders, enlarged heart, arrhythmia103

Quelling cancer, including breast cancer104

Candida, the yeast-beast115

Chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDS, and fibromyalgia116

Alleviating alcoholism and other addictions, including food addictions121

Redirecting depression124

Coping with Crohn’s, Colitis, or inflammatory bowel syndrome125

Consuming constipation128

Outing ouch! Osteoporosis129

Alleviating arthritis131

Seriously stopping smoking132

Swimmers’ asthma from chlorine133

Glyconutrients, fact or fad?133

Enlightening lightning134

Toxic nibbles134

What water?136

Health nibbles136

Debating fruit139

Appendices: Dietary Support of Prevention and Healing141

Appendices: Talk, Fad Diet Hype143

Appendices: Talk, Food and Health: The Lesser Known Controversies150

Appendices, Article: The Dark Side of Dairy Products156

Appendices: Acid-Alkali Balance157

Appendices: Recipes160

Super Easy Non-Dairy Nut Cheese Spread161

Amazake-hemp 100% whole, unrefined dessert pudding162

Pudding without cooking163

Anything Goes Sauce163

Puffed crunch164

Appendices: Herbal Properties164

Appendices: The broad botanical definition of fruit versus the culinary167

Appendices: Food Combining168

Appendices: Sprouting171

Appendices: Selected Quotations179

Appendices: Author’s diet and exercise185

Appendices: L-carnitine hypothesis regarding young sunflower sprouts190

Appendices: Dr. Greger's Stopping Cancer Before it Starts191

Appendices: Evidence that a plant-based diet prevents or ameliorates cancer, heart disease192

Appendices: Recommendations for Optimum Vegan Nutrition194

Appendices: Dr. Greger's Plant-Based Sources for Key Nutrients195

Appendices: PCRM’s “The Truth about High-Protein Diets”197

Appendices: References, Categorized199

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