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      For over a century a vast nutritional experiment has been conducted. The experiment changed our diets radically from the traditional diets of previous centuries to our “conventional” low-fiber, high protein, high fat, salt, sugar, and refined flour diet. The result has been unequivocal: a substantially increased chance of suffering from debilitating degenerative disorders.

       If the stress imposed by this type of diet is relieved, the body can work more effectively to prevent development of a disorder, or possibly ameliorate and even reverse the course of an existing disorder. Health is the natural state that the body seeks. Removing obstacles to health supports healing.

       The relationship of complementary and alternative nutrition with medical matters has been my hobby for decades. Many nutritional controversies as well as lesser known startling issues have fascinated me. Although I’m not a certified health professional, I’ve applied my scientific filter learned as a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and through studies of biology, to information about health to filter what seems to me to be the best. In case you also have an interest, I’ve prepared the downloadable free ebook Healthspan.

        While eating for many years within the guidelines described in the book and slides, I’ve not gotten the flu, without getting any flu shots. I “hardly ever” get sick, missing exercise at most one day a year if that due to concern about getting a cold. I find it easy to maintain my target weight, having lost fifty pounds to achieve it. “Taking the dietary road less traveled” has been working for me and many others. I feel like I’ve discovered the fountain of... extended middle age. While anecdotes such as this do not constitute proof, they do justify further study.

      For the many reasons detailed in this book and substantiated by referenced scientific studies, it can be concluded with reasonable assurance that a health-supporting diet encompasses a variety of foods with only a moderate amount of fat and with more complex carbohydrates, emphasizing savory dishes and sweet treats made with a wide variety of unrefined plant-based foods, and minimizing animal-based foods to no more than about a card deck’s worth (a standard serving of 3 ounces) a day, or eliminating them. Supplementing Vitamin B12 is critical. Within those guidelines, varied approaches can support healing and robust health. In the book’s introduction I give a summary of the diet that I consider optimal, as well as a brief description of a healthy weight-loss diet, along with my favorite recipes.

       To read the Table of Contents to decide whether to download the book free, click Healthspan Book.

Recommended Resources

       Audio interviews (and transcripts) with leading nutritionist T. Colin Campbell, PhD, the co-author of China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long Term Health, probably the most important book on breakthrough scientific research in nutrition in decades: the first interview covers research about food’s impact on cancer.

       Please see “8-Minute Progressive Relaxation”, for a free audio and transcript of a practical and satisfying protocol for relaxation.

Further Support on the Quest for Improved Health

        In addition to Professor Campbell’s book, the following books are very useful, in that they also describe the scientific basis for the health benefits of emphasizing  plant-based foods:

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, MD (

Breaking the Food Seduction by Neil D. Barnard, MD (www.

      A detailed description of recipes and a diet that are nearly consistent with my current dietary approach can be found in the book The Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kushi []. I do eat more leafy greens and fruit than generally practiced in macrobiotics.

       Because even organic brown rice has been found to contain higher levels of arsenic than any other food, quinoa or millet might be substituted in the recipies below.


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"Culinary Resources for Vegetarianism"-

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Also the book Healthy Eating for Life for Children by PCRM’s Amy Lanou, Ph.D.

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